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Donors - Accounting & Business Law

Accounting & Business Law

The Department of Accounting & Business Law recognizes and appreciates the generous support of our donors.

Abbott Laboratories Fund MG

Adtalem Global Education

Ms. Martha C. Agee and Mr. William D. Agee

Mr. Frank W. Alexander and Ms. Melanie B. Alexander

Ms. Peggy A. Alspaugh and Mr. Robert W. Alspaugh

Ms. Amy S. Andrews and Mr. Jeffry S. Andrews

Ms. Maria A. Baker

Ms. Lisette D. Barton and Mr. Alan D. Barton

Ms. Emily A. Battles and Mr. David C. Battles Jr.


Ms. Samantha G. Beazley and Mr. Benjamin B. Beazley


Ms. Kristina D. Black

Ms. Lacy D. Bogan

Ms. Anne M. Borsellino and Mr. David Borsellino

Mr. Billy S. Bostick and Ms. Lotte D. Bostick

Mr. John P. Brady

Mr. Tim D. Brewer and Ms. Lucinda G. Brewer

Ms. Savannah E. Brown

Ms. Gretchen E. Buchanan and Mr. Mark Buchanan

Mr. Denny E. Buckalew and Ms. Melanie Buckalew

Mr. Mark W. Budries

Mr. Robert V. Bullis Jr. and Ms. Amanda L. Bullis

Ms. Deborah Byers and Mr. Wayne C. Byers

Ms. Laura A. Cadena

Dr. Margaret C. Cain and Mr. James D. Dolaway

Mr. Jared M. Callender

Mr. Jeffrey B. Callender and Ms. Linda M. Callender

Mr. James D. Cargile and Ms. Terri L. Cargile

Mr. Don P. Carpenter and Ms. Janette Carpenter

Ms. Beth Casteel and Mr. Mitchell S. Casteel

Mr. Matthew R. Chance

Mr. Alfred B. Childs and Ms. Beverly B. Childs

Ms. Joanne M. Christian and Mr. Geoffrey Christian

Dr. Lane G. Collins and Ms. Sondra K. Collins

Mr. Russell L. Collins and Ms. Julie N. Collins

Ms. Kirsten K. Colvert and Mr. Scott H. Colvert

Comerica Bank

Mr. William A. Conner

ConocoPhillips Company

Ms. Gail Cooksey

Dr. Donald L. Corley and Ms. Julie A. Corley

Dr. Billie D. Cox and Ms. Bonnie S. Cox

Ms. Paige Crawford

Mr. John W. Cullins and Ms. Debbie Cullins

Mr. Harold R. Cunningham and Ms. Ann P. Cunningham

Mr. Jim Daigle

Dallas Foundation

Ms. Nancy P. Davis and Mr. Billy F. Davis

Ms. Becky M. Dawson and Mr. Gibson T. Dawson

Ms. Kara M. DeBoth

Deloitte Foundation

Ms. Deborah W. Dodson

Mr. W. T. Dudley and Ms. Cheryl J. Dudley

Dr. Richard A. Edison and Ms. Cari C. Edison

Mr. Sammy B. Elrod and Ms. Sherry L. Elrod

Ernst & Young Foundation

Ms. April D. Eschweiler and Mr. Rob Eschweiler

Mr. Alfred V. Evans Jr.

ExxonMobil Corporation

Ms. Denise R. Farish and Mr. Jeffrey D. Farish

Ms. Debbie O. Fernandez and Mr. Manuel J. Fernandez

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Ms. Carol S. Foster and Mr. David S. Foster

Mr. Joseph L. Franz and Ms. Stacy C. Franz

Mr. Kenneth R. Garner and Ms. Patsy Garner

Ms. Lillie T. Garrett and Mr. Tim Garrett

Ms. Alyca R. Garrison

Mr. Shawn C. Gilbert and Ms. Denise Gilbert

Ms. Julia W. Gin and Mr. Dan Gin

Mr. David P. Gladney and Mrs. Kristen Gladney

Grant Thornton Foundation

Grant Thornton LLP

Greater Houston Community Foundation

Ms. Alison J. Gullo and Mr. Randall J. Gullo

Mr. Jonathan W. Haas and Ms. Jessica S. Haas

Ms. Cynthia V. Hablinski and Mr. Robert L. Hablinski

Ms. Bethany G. Hagan

Mr. Joseph M. Hainsfurther and Ms. Jordan L. Hainsfurther

Mr. M. C. Hamilton and Ms. Lori Hamilton

Ms. Marjorie A. Harrigan and Mr. Brian D. Harrigan

Mr. James M. Heldebrand and Ms. Susan Heldebrand

Ms. Kelly P. Hibbs and Mr. Jason R. Hibbs

Mr. Jeffrey J. Hill and Ms. Audrey S. Hill

Mr. Kyle T. Hinn

Mr. Daniel L. Hogan

Mr. Jonathan N. Hooper and Ms. Tammy Hooper

Mr. Gary L. Horn

Mr. James T. Huffman and Ms. Ann Huffman

Ms. Jessica L. Hughes and Mr. Christopher L. Hughes

Ms. Brianne N. Hull

Mr. Stephen Humenesky III

Ms. Katy A. Hurt

Mr. David M. Jacobs and Ms. Cher E. Jacobs

Jaynes Reitmeier Boyd & Therrell, P.C.

Mr. Frank Jennings and Ms. Cheri D. Jennings

Mr. Randolph N. Jenson and Ms. Gladys B. Jennings

Elizabeth Johnson

Mr. Roland K. Johnson and Ms. Cynthia T. Johnson

Ms. Suzanne S. Johnson and Mr. Timothy D. Johnson

Ms. Christie Jones

Ms. Shelba S. Jones and Mr. Larry W. Jones

Mr. Douglas A. Kimball

Ms. Elizabeth P. King and Mr. John A. King

Ms. Kendyll R. Kirkland

Ms. Jane Klahsen and Mr. Rick Klahsen

Mr. Neal Knighton and Ms. Jayne Knighton

Ms. Karen J. Koppes

KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Brian W. Krause and Ms. Leslie A. Krause

Ms. Lauren E. Krause

Ms. Joy H. Kupp and Mr. Carlton Kupp

Mr. Donald A. LaBove II

Ms. Robin Lambell

Mr. Mark L. Lancaster and Ms. Susan J. Lancaster

Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC

Judith Larose

Ms. Barbara K. Lawrence

Ms. Christine D. Lawson and Mr. Joel C. Lawson

Ms. Johanna L. Lee

Mr. Brad W. Leffler and Ms. Kerith L. Leffler

Mr. Ryan S. Liles and Ms. Karen S. Liles

Mr. Brian N. Lillard and Ms. Linda P. Lillard

Mr. James E. Lindemann and Ms. Ann B. Lindemann

Mr. Todd J. Lisle

Ms. Leah-Nina M. Lyell and Mr. Steve Lyell

Ms. Vicki E. Lytle

Ms. Shannon L. MacDonald and Mr. Kevin B. MacDonald

Ms. Marney L. MacKenna and Mr. Craig Macha

Mr. Robert H. Maier

Ms. Melissa M. Maldonado

Ms. Debbie L. Manning

Ms. Paula Martin

Mr. Brian D. Matlock and Ms. Mindy A. Matlock

Ms. Kathy C. Mattina and Mr. Mike J. Mattina

Mr. Douglas F. Maziur Jr. and Ms. Pamela K. Maziur

Ms. Deborah E. McBee and Mr. Mark K. McBee

Ms. Judi L. McClain

Mr. Michael B. McDuffie and Ms. Kara B. McDuffie

Mr. Wilson E. McGregor and Ms. Linda H. McGregor

Mr. Tyler R. McKamy

Ms. Kimberly K. Mckay and Mr. Thomas A. McKay

Ms. Dana T. McLain and Mr. William S. McLain

Mr. John McLennan III and Ms. Jean A. McLennan

Ms. Amy S. McVay and Mr. Greg P. McVay

Ms. Debra D. Miley

Ms. Helen J. Miller

Mr. Douglas W. Mitchell

Mr. Matthew T. Monroe

Ms. Susan P. Moore and Mr. William H. Moore

Ms. Mary M. Morgan

Ms. Sherri L. Morgan

Mr. James A. Moyers, CPA

Ms. Katherine C. Muhlenpoh and Mr. David W. Muhlenpoh

Ms. Catherine J. Murray and Mr. Richard E. Murray

Mr. Troy A. Naredo

Nasdaq Employee Giving MG

Mr. Connor M. Nash

Mr. Mark T. Nash and Ms. Sharon T. Nash

National Christian Foundation

Ms. Edwina O. Nelson

Mr. Stephen S. Neumann and Ms. Tara L. Neumann

Ms. Emily B. Nickel

Northern Trust Company - MG

Mr. Joseph S. Norville and Ms. Lee A. Norville

Ms. Cynthia B. O'Brien and Mr. Tom J. O'Brien

Oracle Corporation

Mr. Travis S. Palmer and Ms. Vanessa L. Palmer

Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas, PC

Ms. Karen R. Parker and Mr. Clay Parker

Pattillo, Brown & Hill, L.L.P.

Mr. Brandon T. Pearcy

Mr. Kevin L. Perkins and Dr. Sherry B. Perkins

Mr. Christopher F. Peterson and Ms. Helen J. Peterson

Mr. Kevin Y. Petty and Ms. Heather O. Petty

Ms. Nancy T. Phillips

Phillips 66 Company HQ

Pioneer Natural Resources Mg

Mr. Bradley S. Piper

Mr. David C. Preston

PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation MG

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP HQ

Ms. Debra B. Purdon and Mr. William C. Purdon

Ms. Dorothy H. Pustejovsky

Ms. Joanie S. Pustejovsky and Mr. Andrew Pustejovsky

Ms. Huiyao Qiu

Ms. Mary A. Ramey and Mr. Dan T. Ramey

Ms. Sarah K. Reeves

Ms. Edith C. Reitmeier and Mr. G. M. Reitmeier

Mr. Todd A. Reppert and Ms. Anna W. Reppert

Dr. Susan M. Riffe and Mr. Stewart L. Riffe

Mr. Henery Roesing

Ms. Rebecca A. Roper

Mr. Frank V. Rork Jr. and Ms. Noel Rork

Mr. Eric J. Rothe

Mr. Mark V. Rountree and Mrs. Debra Rountree

Mr. Steven Salters and Ms. Ambreen S. Salters

Ms. Shelly S. Schutze and Mr. Stuart D. Schutze

Schwab Charitable Fund

Mr. Brian T. Schwarzlose and Ms. Ashley E. Schwarzlose

Dr. Martha C. Scott and Mr. W. L. Scott

Mr. Curtis L. Seidlits Jr. and Ms. Melody L. Seidlits

Mr. Travis M. Shamburger

Ms. Wendy Sharp

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Ms. Hsiaoping Shen

Ms. Molly R. Shepard

Ms. Sandra K. Shoemaker

Mr. A. M. Smith and Ms. Gloria R. Smith

Mr. Logan C. Smith

Mr. Mark W. Smith and Ms. Angela V. Laswell-Smith

Mr. Donald C. Spitzer and Ms. Mary M. Spitzer

Ms. Elizabeth J. Starr

Stedman West Foundation

Mr. Thomas D. Steele and Ms. Kelly A. Steele

Mr. W. R. Stewart and Ms. Terry L. Stewart

Ms. Christi H. Stinson and Mr. David S. Stinson

Mr. William R. Strait and Ms. Michelle L. Strait

Mr. Jim Tansey and Ms. Marilyn A. Tansey

Ms. Jennifer L. Taylor and Mr. Matthew L. Taylor

Dr. Charles W. Thomas and Ms. Mary Ann Thomas

Ms. Nancy A. Thomas

Ms. Deborah P. Thompson and Mr. Mark A. Thompson

Ms. Holly A. Thompson

Ms. Camaron C. Thorson and Mr. Cory A. Thorson

Ms. Mary E. Todd

Ms. Jennifer J. Trammell

Mr. Jason R. Turpen

Mr. Jeffrey E. Urban and Ms. Stefani L. Urban

Mr. Gregory E. Usry and Ms. Sherri Usry

Mr. Michael C. Vander Woude and Ms. Ashley L. Vander Woude

Mr. Luke C. Verhoog

Mr. George M. Vickrey and Ms. Sallie S. Vickrey

Ms. Diana L. Ward

Warren Charitable Foundation

Ms. Lisa S. Waugaman and Mr. Don W. Waugaman

Ms. Nancy L. Wedemeyer and Mr. Phil D. Wedemeyer

Mr. Chris J. Wells and Ms. Kelsey M. Wells

Mr. Dennis T. Whalen and Ms. Linda P. Whalen

Ms. Catherine J. Whitten and Mr. Robert H. Whitten III

Mr. Stephen V. Willis and Ms. Betsy B. Willis

Mr. James L. Wilson and Ms. Danielle M. Wilson

Ms. Jana R. Wilson

Ms. Rhonda Wilson and Mr. Thomas C. Wilson

Ms. Kathy A. Wingate and Mr. Lee A. Braddock

Mr. Geoffrey T. Wolf and Ms. Amy E. Wolf

Mr. David L. Zaozirny and Ms. Sarah Zaozirny

Ms. Linda N. Zinner and Mr. Michael A. Zinner

Border Title