BOX - Perpetual Access

When you leave Baylor, your BOX access will terminate. No one will have access to the folders you OWN. No Co-Owner access. No Collaborator access. No share link access.

If you have folders that should perpetually remain in service, TRANSFER the Folder OWNERSHIP to a departmental “resource account”. Do this when the folder is created - or asap for existing folders! You only need to do this for Parent Folders.

Perpetual ownership is the key to perpetual access. A “resource account” is a non-human BOX account which never retires, and thus, provides perpetual access. They typically are named “department_name_box”… if you cannot find one for your department, ask the Helpdesk to create one.

To transfer your BOX folder ownership to the resource account:

  1. Create a BOX folder (use a descriptive, easy-for-anyone-to-understand name)
  2. Add your “department resource account” as a collaborator (chemistry_box) (history_box) (arts_sciences_box) (etc)
  3. Transfer Ownership to the resource account
    • Open Collaborators
    • Click the 3 dot ellipsis next to the resource account
    • Assign "Owner"; it becomes the folder “Owner” (you become an Editor)

NOTE: If a Folder needs advanced settings (private collaborators; restrict collaborators; restrict commenting; restrict shared-link access) it will need a Co-Owner. Promote a collaborator to Co-Owner prior to transferring ownership.

If you need to be a Co-Owner to retain control over those settings:

  1. Prior to transferring ownership, promote a trusted collaborator to Co-Owner
  2. Transfer ownership (as stated above)
  3. Ask the Co-Owner to promote you to Co-Owner (then demote them, if appropriate)

Continue to work in the folder knowing it will survive your account closure.

Sample Image: Collaborators with Resource Account Owner:

Sample Image of Collaborators with Resource Account Owner

Created 6/15/2022 due to increasing confusion after folks leave. If these instructions are not clear, email wes_e_johnson and let's make this better.