Technology Orders

If your existing computer has issues, please contact the Help Desk to document the issue and so technicians may evaluate the problem. 

1) To Replace a Computer, use our computer request form

  • Standard Models meet most users' need
    • Desktop - Dell Optiplex and Apple MacMini
    • Laptop - Dell Latitude and Apple MacBook Air
  • Non-Standard Models
    • Most Dell Precision and Apple lines 
    • Prepare a well-justified request for ITS review
  • You will need the ITID number off the existing computer

2) For New, Full-time Employees, use the same form and provide their start date

3) For Additional Computers, (nothing to turn-in) use the same form 

  • Have a justification statement ready; requests to add inventory are reviewed by the Deans
  • Have the start-up account, or sponsored project number, to charge

4) To request a one-year computer for temporary adjunct positions, use (ITS)

5) For a work-at-home loaner laptop: go to > Service Catalog > Long-Term Faculty & Staff Laptop Checkout

6) For a short-term loaner laptop (1-90 days) use this short-term faculty/staff laptop link (student checkout items)

- - - - - -

Printers are intended to service multiple users; the University is currently working to reduce the number of printers in use.