Technology Procurement

Computer purchases are made by Dean’s staff;
  departments should not place a computer order, nor reimburse for one.

For a COMPUTER REPLACEMENT, please email A&S Technology with:

  • Your Name: 
  • Department: 
  • Asset Tag: (top number on a sticker on the computer being replaced)
  • Location: (Building & room number)
  • Model: (Windows or Apple; Desktop or Laptop)
  • Accessories: (keyboard, mouse, dock, etc)
  • [Please retain your monitor in service or let us know if you need a change.]

STANDARD MODELS meet most users' needs:

  • Dell Optiplex or Apple MacMini (Desktops)
  • Dell Latitude or Apple MacBook Air (Laptops)
    Each has a recent processor, 16GB RAM, and a 256 or 512GB SSD

REPLACEMENT ELIGIBILITY is based on the current computer Asset Tag number

  • you may defer as long as your unit is working for you
  • computers with an Asset Tag starting with 17, or lower, are eligible to replace
  • primary computers (Cat 1) with a number starting with 18 are eligible
  • if a computer is failing, but not yet eligible, please contact the helpdesk

MORE POWERFUL Dell Precision or Apple models may be justified

  • ITS and the Dean's Office review each request
  • alternate funding may be needed
  • use the A&S Computer Request form to request
  • custom orders may take 8-16 weeks to arrive


WHAT TO EXPECT: Approved requests are sent to ITS Installs to process; their staff will contact the user to schedule a delivery appointment once the unit is ready. 

SHORT-TERM Laptops (1-90 days) are available from the Helpdesk+ in Moody Library 


  • Departments should no longer place printer orders. If departments need an additional printer, please contact us with the location, users served, and need
  • We have been asked to reduce the number of printers in use; printers are intended to serve multiple users
  • If you have a failing printer, contact the Help Desk with the ITID number and location to repair or replace 
  • If you have a mission-critical printer, with no close alternative, let us know as it approaches 8 years of service (14 tags or lower)


Any device using the wired or wireless networks must be reviewed by ITS Security prior to purchase. Devices built for a home wi-fi network may not work on our enterprise network. Request a review by accessing the blue ITS Service Catalog at then click the “Non-Standard Technology Purchase” tile.

The $300 iPad model meets most needs and may be approved at the discretion of the department Chairs (calling upon their charge to be excellent stewards of our resources). Orders may be placed in Ignite using the Book Store. Email ... we do not approve of cellular data use but, if justified, those purchases go through ITS Installs (Matt Branch).

Arts & Sciences Technology 
(Email Wes Johnson with comments ... Last updated 11-17-21)