Order Approval

Each department in A&S budgets for their technology purchases. The process starts each October/November when departments make prioritized requests for capital funds for the upcoming fiscal year; the approved funds are available in June.

A&S Department Chairs may authorize computer/printer orders when:

  1. the order is a replacement (where a similar, older unit will be turned in)
  2. the order is funded using existing department, grant or special funds
  3. the order is for either:
  4. and the order is placed using the official University web-stores

Orders that meet EACH OF THESE CRITERIA may be purchased by department staff.


... please email an INVENTORY REQUEST for the Dean's office to assist with:

  1. processing the "addition to inventory" request (new items; nothing to turn in)
  2. finding funds when necessary (rare)
  3. requests for non-standard models or display technology (projector, flat panels for classroom, public area, signage, etc.) (rare)

     (read why)

Please submit a well-justified explanation; have your department Chair approval for this expenditure before proceeding. Contact us with any questions:

  • Jim (4286) - Art; Biology; Chemistry; Classics; Mathematics; Modern Languages and Cultures; Museum Studies; Philosophy; Pre-Health; Theatre Arts; BSB Office/Centers, CRASR, CSR, Church/State, Medical Humanities; LLC's
  • Stephen (1198) - A&S; Aerospace; Anthropology; Communication; English; Film/Digital Media; History; Journalism; Military Science; Political Science; Psychology; Religion; Sociology; Statistical Science
  • Nolan (2071) - Environmental Science; Geosciences; Physics
  • Wes (3102)

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