CASA Advisors - Required Advising

Required Advising For SPRING 2020

CASA advisors formally advise students from the majors listed below, by last name, 0-89 hours (unless specified otherwise), and by appointment only. CASA advisors will also advise students with majors assigned to them, 90+ hours, who are on Probation. The exception to this is if a student has a required Senior departmental hold, the student will meet with their departmental advisor when on probation and not CASA.

Verify that your major is listed correctly as you will only be advised
for the major listed at time of scheduling.

To begin the process of changing or updating your major, degree and/or minor, please visit your BearWeb account and select > Student Academic Services > Student Records > Change of Major Request.

To schedule an appointment, please select your advisors name below and send an email with your request, including detailed information/questions about your appointment.
    Alfreda Washington
  • Biochemistry (A-G)
  • Biology (K-Loz)
  • Chemistry (A-K)
  • Political Science (A-F)
  • Becky Holloman
  • Biology (Q-Shz)
  • International Studies (A-Z)
  • Political Science (G-O)
  • Brandon Chappell
  • Biochemistry (P-Z)
  • Biology (U-Z)
  • Clinical Laboratory Science (A-Z)
  • Great Texts (A-Z)
  • Political Science (P-Z)
  • Brett Gibson
  • Biochemistry (H-O)
  • Biology (Gba-Hiz)
  • Economics (A-Z)
  • Religion (A-Z)
  • Jolinda Whitney
  • Biology (B)
  • Communication (A-F)
  • Film & Digital Media (A-Z)
  • Pre-Film & Digital Media (JR-SR) (A-Z)
  • Kyle Howerton
  • Biology (Sia-T)
  • Communication (G-N)
  • Pre-Psychology (JR-SR) (L-Z)
  • Psychology (L-Z)
  • Laura McNutt
  • Biology (Csa-Gaz)
  • Neuroscience (A-Z)
  • Physics (A-Z)
  • Pre-Neuroscience (JR-SR) (A-Z)
  • Pre-Psychology (JR-SR) (A-K)
  • Psychology (A-K)
  • Lisa Asher
  • Biology (A)
  • English (A-Z)
  • Journalism (A-I)
  • Linguistics (A-Z)
  • Professional Writing (A-Z)
  • Mary Moore
  • American Studies (A-Z)
  • Anthropology (FR-SR) (A-K)
  • Biology (Nfa-P)
  • Environmental Sciences (A-Z)
  • GeoSciences (A-Z)
  • Modern Languages and Cultures (A-Z)
  • Patrick Broaddus
  • Biology (Lpa-Nez)
  • Chemistry (L-Z)
  • Classics (A-Z)
  • History (A-Z)
  • Sociology (A-Z)
  • Statistics (A-Z)
  • Shannon Tebo
  • Aviation Sciences (A-Z)
  • Biology (Hja-J)
  • Communication (O-Z)
  • Philosophy (A-Z)
  • Tiffany Huynh
  • Anthropology (FR-SR) (L-Z)
  • Biology (Caa-Crz)
  • Journalism (J-Z)
  • Mathematics (A-Z)
  • Medical Humanities (A-Z)
  • Pre-Medical Humanities (JR-SR) (A-Z)