Major Academic Planners (MAPS)

Your guide to four year planning for your major
MAPs show a four year sequence of courses for most of the majors
in the College of Arts and Sciences and are designed to help you graduate in four years. However, please keep in mind that these
are only suggested sequences. Actual sequences vary according
to possible second major, minor, other program of study (including pre-health) and individual circumstances (ex., transfer credit, dual credit, and credit by exam). Course selections are subject to availability within each semester.

How and why were the MAPs created?
At the suggestion of the Provost's office and the Council of Deans and in an effort to produce a set of documents that would summarize information about majors and basic academic requirements, CASA has spent over a year creating the MAPs. Working closely with each department, CASA initially created the framework for the MAPs and asked each academic unit to take on the responsibility of sequencing their major courses into these four-year planners. The effort on both parts culminated in a group of documents that are meant to aid students in “mapping out” their academic future.