Degree Audit

Your CAE credit should appear on your Degree Audit 48 hours after scanning your Event Pass at the end of a Creative Arts Experience. Here is how to view the CAE section of your degree audit on BearWeb. For more detailed instructions about how to read your complete degree audit click here

Step 1: Go to 

Log in using your BearID and password. 

Step 2: Select Student Academic Services

Click "Student Records" and then "Degree Audit."

Step 3: Run a Degree Audit

Select "Run Degree Audit."

On the next screen click "Run Audit." You will need to wait up to a few minutes for the system to finish running your audit. 

Finally, select "view submitted audits."

Step 4: Viewing your Audit

Slide down until you see "The Creative Arts Experience."

If you have not attended a CAE yet, the Creative Arts Experience section of your audit will look similar to the photo below. Note the "-" marking next to each category. This indicates that you have not completed the category requirement.

48 hours after the event you attended has passed, you will see the event appear underneath the correct category. This indicates that your attendance at the event was recorded successfully. 

As you complete your degree requirement by attending 2 events within the same category, the "-" sign will change to a "+" sign. 

You have 5 days to dispute a missing credit

After each event, it is crucial that you find the CAE team to scan your Event Pass. If you attended a CAE, scanned your Event Pass, and you are not seeing the credit appear on your account, you will need to contact for future instruction. After 5 days have passed from the event, you will no longer be able to dispute and receive credit for that specific CAE.