The Creative Arts Experience

The Mission of the CAE 

The goal of the Creative Arts Experience is to involve students actively in the fine arts community on campus preparing them for a deep and meaningful engagement with the fine arts throughout life.

During your time here at Baylor, we encourage you to attend as many fine arts experiences as you'd like in addition to fulfilling the academic core requirement.

Academic Core Requirement

To complete the academic core requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences, you must attend 12 CAE events with at least two events from each of the following categories: Art, Film, Music, Theatre, and Literature/World Cultures.

Progress of obtained CAE credit will be reflected on your degree audit found on BearWeb.

Honor Code Policy

Plagiarism or any form of cheating involves a breach of student-institutional trust. This means that any work or attendance record submitted under your name is expected to be your own, neither composed by anyone else as a whole or in part nor handed over to another person for complete or partial revision. Instances of plagiarism or any other act of academic dishonesty, including falsifying attendance records, will be reported to the Honor Council and may result in University mandated consequences. Not understanding academic dishonesty is not an excuse. As a Baylor student, the CAE expects you to be intimately familiar with the Honor Code at: