Career Options

More than ever before in modern history, a degree in art enables graduates to pursue a wide variety of career options.

Career Areas include:

Media, Commercial Art, Graphic Design, Fashion and Textile Design, The Art Market, Museums, Scholarship, Art Therapy, Medical Humanities, in addition to Studio Art

Employers Include:

Design Firms, Websites, Technology Companies, Film and Television Industry, Corporations, Schools, Hospitals, Museums, Art Studios, Publishers, Auction Houses, Galleries, Fashion and Textile Manufacturers to name a few

Recent Baylor Art Graduates Have Gone On to Pursue The Following:
  • Professional Art and Design Positions at: Disney, IBM; AT&T; Dallas Symphony; Carson Group Advertising; among others
  • MFA programs at Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art and MA/PhD Programs in Art History at St. Andrews University in Scotland and UT Austin to name a few
  • An art degree can and should be tailored to areas of specialization.
  • Save artwork for a strong portfolio - too much is better than too little.
  • Create personal website to showcase art, creative thought process, and build a creative identity.
  • Join art-related professional and student organizations.
  • Volunteer with fundraising efforts for the arts.
  • Gain valuable experience through volunteering, internships, part-time and summer jobs, and apprenticeships.
  • Seek exposure to art by visiting museums around the country and world.
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in areas of interest to learn more about opportunities and strategies for these areas. Learn to network.
  • Develop skills in business management, computers, marketing, and other related areas to increase understanding of opportunities.