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#BaylorResearch: Fighting Cancer to Working Outside the Office

March 7, 2019
Research on a college campus sometimes seems a little mysterious—professors in lab coats studying highly-technical issues that many of us don’t fully understand. And certainly, at Baylor, we do have top scientists in lab coats probing mysteries in ways that are nothing short of amazing.

But research doesn’t have to be elusive. In fact, for students all across campus—both undergrads and graduate students alike—research is a tool that not only enhances their understanding of the world around them, but enriches their educational experience.

From science to business, here are just four of the many examples of recent Baylor research attracting national attention and breaking new ground.

1. Cancer Therapies: Weapons in the fight against cancer can be found all around us, although many are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Dr. John Wood, the Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, uses a process called natural products synthesis to re-create naturally occurring molecules that could be useful to pharmaceutical companies that develop new medicines to fight cancer. Dr. Wood’s purposeful mentorship of his students helps prepare them to seek new discoveries and be the next generation of leaders in the battle against disease.

2. Fighting Diabetes in India: An interdisciplinary team of Baylor researchers with expertise from nursing to business to video game design partnered with physicians in India to begin the development of an app to boost awareness and education for those at risk of diabetes. The team is led by Dr. Shelby Garner, assistant professor of nursing. Her efforts in India over the last six years helped pave the way for the project, which received a 21st Century Knowledge Grant last fall.

3. Public Good and Happiness: If you live in a state that invests more in public goods like parks, highways, libraries and more, you’re happier. So found Dr. Patrick Flavin, a Baylor political science professor who studied the correlation between spending, livability and public happiness in communities across the nation.

4. Working Remotely: If the idea of spending your working hours away from the office sounds intriguing, a recent Baylor study can help you better ascertain your ability to handle remote work. Dr. Sara Perry, assistant professor of management, examined the impact of remote work on employees, and considerations to think about before spending too much time away from the office.

These are just a few of the many examples of impactful research taking place at Baylor. Click here to learn more about the latest research projects from Baylor professors and students.
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