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Student-to-Student Success Stories Podcast

January 24, 2019
SSI Podcast
Author Jennifer Rivas is a senior marketing and communication studies major from Lewisville, Texas.

There’s a new podcast available for Baylor students to learn tips for academic success—hosted by their own classmates. The Student Success Stories Podcast debuted in the fall, and features academic success strategies from students across campus. It is easily accessible online and showcases students from a variety of backgrounds, majors, and campus involvement levels.

Examples include:

Bisma Zulifqar, a Biology major and pre-med student, shares the importance of maintaining focus while studying, establishing a routine, and setting goals each semester.
Lucas McWhirter, an Accounting major with an interest in Film and Digital Media, shares how he and his classmates prepare for rigorous accounting classes, both individually and as a group.
Sydney Graham, a Corporate Communication major in the 4+1 master’s program, shares insights she’s learned about being gracious to yourself and listening to your own needs when facing the demands of multiple projects, organizational commitments and more.

Each episode features five key takeaways for students:

• Individualized study strategies and routines (where, when, and how students study best for their courses)
• Time management tools (planners, calendars, apps)
• Resources on campus (tutoring center, supplemental instruction, and professors)
• Student organizations and clubs through which to connect
• Examples of challenges and mistakes to avoid

As a current Baylor student, I have gained valuable information from these podcasts such as new study techniques and time management resources. I also became aware of many clubs and organization I never knew were on campus, and even learned new coffee orders I could try!

Bisma’s podcast resonated with me, personally. When I initially came to Baylor, I was a Biology major in the pre-med program. All throughout grade school I made straight A’s. However, when I arrived at Baylor, that was not the case. I received a C on my first Biology exam, and I did not understand why the study techniques I used in high school were not working for me in college. I felt completely defeated and felt like I did not belong at Baylor.

At the end of my freshman year, I found that program was not the path for me, and I changed my major to marketing and communication studies. I absolutely love what I am pursuing now, but if I heard Bisma’s podcast when I was a freshman struggling in my pre-med classes, I would have felt reassured that almost everyone struggles in introductory courses. I would also be motivated to try new study strategies. I probably would have still changed my major, but would have known I gave it my best shot.

That’s an example of how these podcasts can connect with students. You and your student can learn more through our website and on social media. Our Instagram account is updated with each new episode, and podcast hosts do a story takeover where they share their daily routine, study strategies, and personal Baylor experience.

You or your student can subscribe at Apple Podcasts: Student Success Stories Podcast and follow us on Instagram @studentsuccessstories.
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