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Giving Day 2018: The Chance to Give Light to Future Generations

November 27, 2018
Giving day
Molly Isaacks Ferguson serves as Senior Director of Parent Programs in University Development.

By now you’ve seen the social media posts, read the messages from the University, and perhaps even been approached about supporting "Give Light, the Campaign for Baylor.” You may also know why this has been launched, to support Illuminate, Baylor’s academic strategic plan. It’s impressive, intriguing, and exciting—a vision to fuel compelling research that builds on Baylor’s strengths of Christian commitment and undergraduate scholarship. We’ve announced our goal of $1.1 billion dollars and you may have wondered if you should participate. Will your gift even make a difference? It will. Let me tell you why.

In 1962, two sixty-year-old Baylor graduates established a small endowed fund at their alma mater with a check for $50.00. Their hope was to make payments over time to build the fund so that it would provide tuition assistance to their grandchildren. It was terribly meager in size compared to what many of their peers had been able to give, but it was a sacrifice of significance for James D. and Ina Jones Isaacks.

Born out of their passion for Baylor and their deep commitment to its mission, they were determined to do their part to help succeeding generations experience the life-changing affect this University could have on its students.

As I sit here in my office, reading through the archived file of documents containing my grandparents’ signatures, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for their generosity. Their gifts even in total, were small by most standards, but the legacy of gratitude that they established illuminated a path of gratefulness for my own life that continues to this day. In my world it made all the difference imaginable.

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A great deal has changed since 1962. For one thing, scholarships can’t be directed to family members nor can they be established with $50.00! But the result of giving remains unchanged and lives are transformed on both sides of the equation. The size of the gift is not what matters, but the gratitude from which the gift is made that’s important. Gratitude is measured in actions…my actions, your actions, James D. and Ina Jones Isaacks’ actions. And all these actions collectively secure Baylor’s future. You could say they “Give Light!”

So, on this Giving Day 2018, will you join me by following the footsteps of those before us to support Baylor’s future at whatever level your situation allows, establishing for your student a legacy of giving born of gratitude? Fifty dollars still makes a difference; that is unchanged. Together, we can make a significant and transformational difference for future Baylor students.

Molly Isaacks Ferguson ‘82

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