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Living On Campus

October 16, 2018
Is your student planning to live on campus next year? If so, these next few weeks are an important stretch for re-applying and choosing which of Baylor’s many residential communities are right for him or her.

On November 6, the re-application process will open. While the 2019-20 school year may seem far off, now is the time for students to consider where they’ll be living next year. Soon, your students will receive an email from Campus Living & Learning (CLL) informing them of important upcoming dates and options, and how they can apply.

The options for on-campus living are far more varied (and exciting) than many parents realize. Baylor offers a wide array of living options, from traditional residence halls, to living-learning centers, residential colleges and apartment-style upper-division communities. It can be a lot to consider. Here’s what you need to know about your student’s options.


Reapplication priority dates are Nov 6-8

  • These are assigned based upon credit hours, with seniority students choosing first

  • Tuesday, November 6 - Students with 80 or more credit hours

  • Wednesday, November 7 - Students with 40 or more credit hours

  • Thursday, November 8 & 9 - Students with 0 or more credit hours

  • Times will be assigned and sent out via email

  • Cancellation deadline for reapplication is Nov 15th at 4 pm CST

  • Room Swap and Room Selection will be available during the spring semester for selecting or changing your room selection.

  • Students can begin selecting roommate groups Thursday, November 1. Baylor CLL offers a Roommate Matching program to help students find compatible roommates.

  • The Choose Your Own Room process allows a student or students in a roommate group to select a specific room within a residence hall to live in. This option becomes available Wednesday, November 6 during the reapplication and assignment process


  • First Year Communities:traditional residence hall experiences.

  • Living-Learning Centers: residence halls organized around an academic program or department; gathered with other students who have a similar passion, interest or major including service, education, business, fine arts and more.

  • Residential Colleges: faculty-led and sponsored learning communities with unique community and events, focused on academic development and growth. Two-year commitment required.

  • Upper Division Communities: offers upper division students the amenities of an apartment with the features and resources of on-campus housing.


Tours of residence halls happen every day, Monday-Friday, at 10:30 and 3:30. Tour groups meet inside Penland Dining Hall for a short presentation. Two residence halls are toured, including a double room in North Russell and an apartment in Heritage House. There is no RSVP required to attend a tour. Upper-division students with questions about potential rooms for next year are also encourages to attend.


Encourage your student to be ready for re-application in November. If he or she has questions, visit the Campus Living & Learning website for more information, take a tour of the residence halls or contact Baylor CLL with questions.
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