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Campus Living And Learning - November 2012

Explore the Benefits of Living-Learning Programs

By being involved in Living-Learning Programs (LLPs), students can benefit from the convenience of living on campus and opportunities to create more influential relationships outside of the classroom. Students within Living-Learning Programs study and live on campus with peers who share their interests, academically or recreationally.

Three types of LLPs exist for students: Engaged Learning Groups, Living-Learning Centers and Residential Colleges.

"LLPs are residential environments where students connect socially, relationally and spiritually," Associate Director for Academic Initiatives Terri Garrett said. "At the same time, the living environment enhances the student's academic experience, making them more invested in Baylor."

Reserved exclusively for freshman students, Engaged Learning Groups investigate a challenging topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. Throughout the year, students will earn 6-12 credit hours while examining these issues.

Living-Learning Centers (LLCs) allow students to engage in a residential community centered around an academic or recreational discipline. Next year's LLCs include:

Within the Residential Colleges, students live in a culture that fosters academic excellence as well as faculty-student relationships. Open to students of all ages and majors, anyone can apply to participate in these programs. Along with the Brooks and Honors Residential Colleges, Baylor also will be adding an Engineering and Computer Science Residential College in the fall of 2013.

Studies by renown professionals prove that students who live on campus have higher GPAs, create more interpersonal contacts with students and faculty and are more satisfied with their undergraduate experience. On-campus housing also adds the benefits of convenience and security.

"When students live with each other on campus, they have a built-in support system outside of the classroom," Garrett said. "They automatically have something in common, whether it's discipline-specific or interest-specific."

In LLPs, students will create close bonds with their peers and build relationships with faculty who live in the residence halls among the students. Older students in LLPs gain opportunities to mentor and guide younger students as they adjust to college life. Students who are involved in the Leadership and Transfer Year Experience LLCs also have the opportunity to apply for $3,000 scholarships to help fund their experiences in these programs.

"Through on-campus housing in Brooks Flats, I have met many international students and exchange students," Brooks Residential College member Parmida Schahhosseini said. "This has allowed me to learn more about people and their cultures, which helps me feel more connected to the world."

Spots in these programs are limited, so encourage your student to apply today! For more information on how your student can get involved with Living-Learning Programs, please visit the Campus Living & Learning website.