Rising High School Seniors

College of Arts & Sciences

Note: Rising High School Seniors may register for any course for which they qualify. In most cases, these will be 1000-level courses. The courses listed below are what the College of Arts & Sciences recommends based on the success of rising high school seniors in the past.

Subject Area Course Number Course Title
Anthropology ANT 1305 Introduction to Anthropology
Communications CSS 1302 Speech for Business & Professional Students
English ENG 1310 Writing and Academic Inquiry
French FRE 1301 Elementary French 1
  FRE 1302 Elementary French 2
German GER 1301 Elementary German 1
  GER 1302 Elementary German 2
Greek GRK 1301 Elementary Greek 1
  GRK 1302 Elementary Greek 2
History HIS 1300 The United States in Global Perspective
  HIS 1305 World History to 1500
  HIS 1307 World History since 1500
  HIS 2365 History of U.S. to 1877
  HIS 2366 History of U.S. since 1877
Journalism/Mass Communication JOU 1303/FDM 1303 Introduction to Mass Communication
Latin LAT 1301 Elementary Latin 1
  LAT 1302 Elementary Latin 2
Math MTH 1320 PreCalculus
  MTH 1321 Calculus I
Philosophy PHI 1306 Logic
  PHI 1309 Introduction to Medical Ethics
Political Science PSC 1387 The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience
Psychology PSY 1305 Psychological Science: Understanding Human Behavior
Religion REL 1310 The Christian Scriptures
  REL 1350 The Christian Heritage
Russian RUS 1301 Elementary Russian 1
  RUS 1302 Elementary Russian 2
Sociology SOC 1305 Introduction to Sociology
Spanish SPA 1301 Elementary Spanish 1
  SPA 1302 Elementary Spanish 2
Statistics STA 1380 Elementary Statistics
Theater THEA 1306 Intro to Theater

For students interested in the medical field (physician, dentistry, veterinarian, etc.), medical schools MAY have preferences on the delivery method (online versus in-person). Advisors can help guide you on what is best to help meet your goals during your advising appointment.


Honors College
Subject Area Course Number Course Title
Rhetoric BIC 1413 World of Rhetoric I
Great Texts GTX 2301 Intellectual Traditions of the Ancient World
  GTX 2302 Medieval Intellectual Traditions


School of Engineering and Computer Science
Subject Area Course Number Course Title
Computer Science CSI 1401 Into to Programming I
  CSI 1402 Intro to Programming II
  CSI 1430 Intro to Computer Science I
  CSI 1440 Intro to Computer Science II
  CSI 3303 Information Technology
Engineering EGR 1301 Intro to Engineering


School of Business
Subject Area Course Number Course Title
Business BUS 1350 Software Applications for Business Professionals
  BUS 1305 Software Applications for Personal Productivity
Economics ECO 1305 Issues in Economics for Non-Business Majors


School of Education
Subject Area Course Number Course Title
Education EDP 2336 The Developing Child
  TED 2380 Intro to Education


College of Health and Human Services
Subject Area Course Number Course Title
American Sign Language CSD 1405 American Sign Language I
  CSD 1406 American Sign Language II
Speech Pathology CSD 1308 Survey of Speech Pathology and Audiology


To view a complete listing of summer courses, please visit the registrar's website