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ALEKS Summer/Fall 2018

ALEKS Course Code for placement into Summer 2018 or Fall 2018 classes

If you intend to take the ALEKS placement exam to place in to courses for the Summer 2018 or Fall 2018 semester, and you are not visually impaired, then click on the link below to log in with your Baylor ID.  After logging in you will be redirected to the ALEKS testing site.  Be prepared to enter the course code listed below.  After you enter the course code and take your first assessment, a $25 fee will be added to your student account.

ALEKS testing site (see step-by-step instructions below)

Course Code for this term: CPTP3-PPKHT

IMPORTANT: The ALEKS placement test is designed to be completed by the student without any outside assistance. The following are prohibited:

  • using a calculator of any kind (other than when ALEKS provides one)
  • obtaining help from another person
  • accessing resources from the internet, books, notes, etc.
It is a violation of the Baylor Honor Code to access any of these resources during the ALEKS exam.

Starting March 1, 2018 we are implementing the following new procedures regarding the ALEKS exam for placement into mathematics courses.

  1. You must have a valid Baylor student ID (e.g., to begin.

  2. Select the appropriate cohort link below: if you are visually impaired, select the ADA version. Otherwise, select the non-ADA version.

  3. You should see a Course Code for your appropriate cohort. Write down or copy this code.

  4. Right above the Course Code is a link to the ALEKS testing site. Click on this link.

  5. You will log in to the ALEKS testing site using your Baylor ID and password.

  6. Your first ALEKS assessment will not count---no matter how high or low you score. The purpose of this first time through ALEKS is as follows:

    • To become familiar with the ALEKS interface, type of questions asked, length of the exam, and time limit.

    • ALEKS is also getting to know you and your skillset, so d o not access any unauthorized resources such as books, notes, calculator, person, etc.   Using outside help will only hurt your chances of being successful.

    • If you feel you could score higher, ALEKS will provide you an individualized study plan.  Studying 6-8 hours in ALEKS is proven to substantially increase your ALEKS placement score.

    • Your computer’s browser will be locked in the sense that you will not be able to access any browser windows other than the ALEKS exam while the exam is underway.

  7. Once the first “trial run” assessment is complete, there is a 24 hour "cooling off" period, and then you are eligible for the next assessment. This is the first assessment which will count towards qualifying for a Baylor mathematics course. This and all future ALEKS attempts will be electronically proctored (see below). The password for the Respondus proctoring is BAYLORMATH1 (not case senstive, the last digit is a one).

  8. You must be at a computer equipped with a web cam for all assessments that count towards course qualification. You will be asked to verify your identity into the webcam by presenting a valid ID. You will be video recorded throughout the duration of your exam. You must stay in the view of the camera at all times or your results will be invalidated. If you access any unauthorized resource (calculator, technology, books, notes, person, etc.) this constitutes a violation of Baylor’s Honor Code. Your results on the ALEKS exam will be flagged and you will be referred to the Honor Council. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the Baylor Honor Code at all times. See

  9. Baylor reserves the right---for any reason---to require you to re-take your ALEKS exam in person in the Department of Mathematics before placing you in a mathematics course. If there are any discrepancies in the webcam video recording of you taking the exam (e.g., you are out of sight of the camera, you are accessing unauthorized resources, etc.), we will require you to re-take ALEKS in person.

  10. The time limit on the exam is 2 hours. Any unanswered questions after 2 hours are treated as blank and will count in the calculation of your score.

  11. You will be presented with your score.

    • If you achieved the qualifying score for the class you are trying to get into, you are done.

    • If you did not, then you will need to spend 3 hours in the Learning Modules and wait 24 hours before retaking the ALEKS assessment.

    • If you do not qualify on that attempt, you will need to spend 5 hours in the Learning Modules and wait 24 hours before retaking the ALEKS assessment.

    • If you do not qualify on that attempt, you will need to spend 5 hours in the Learning Modules and wait 24 hours before retaking the ALEKS assessment. This was the 5th and final ALEKS attempt. Note that the first, unscored “trial run” DOES count as one of your five ALEKS attempts.