Laurel Springs School

Accelerate Program - Laurel Springs

Welcome to Accelerate at Laurel Springs School. Baylor University is proud to partner with this renowned, accredited online school to offer high school students the opportunity to earn dual credit as they progress towards their college dreams.  

Choosing to pursue college credit at Baylor during your high school days is a tremendous undertaking and is meant for only those students that are prepared to be challenged and stretched and are ready to excel.

Program Eligibility

To learn more about Laurel Springs' dual enrollment program eligibility requirements and how to enroll in Baylor’s Accelerate program, contact your Laurel Springs Counselor or visit

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are paid through Laurel Springs School on a dual-credit-hour basis as follows:

  • $750 per credit hour tuition
Steps to Enroll in Baylor’s Accelerate Program
  1. Contact your Laurel Springs Counselor to discuss your interest in Baylor’s Accelerate Program and to learn more about Laurel Springs’ Dual Enrollment process.
  2. Obtain your Laurel Springs Counselor’s approval to enroll in Accelerate
  3. Create a goBaylor Account
  4. Complete the Accelerate Enrollment Form (link will be provided to you once you complete step 2.
Course Offerings

This fall, Baylor is offering courses in a variety of subjects specifically for high school students.

Fall 2022 Course Offerings

Self-Paced Online Course Offerings