2021 Course Offerings

Summer 2021

Summer 2021 Accelerate course schedule is now available for rising high school seniors and juniors. 

Fall 2021

The preliminary Fall 2021 Accelerate course schedule is now available.

Spring 2021

This spring, the Baylor University Honors College is offering two courses specifically for high school students:
BIC 1413 The World of Rhetoric I

World of Rhetoric I uses primary texts to teach speaking and writing. The course integrates sources and methodologies from Communication and English programs, and it includes texts from theologians, psychologists, philosophers, and public figures. The course focuses on argumentation and persuasion as a means of building and sustaining communities through civic discourse.

Meet the professor, Dr. Samuel Perry

GTX 1301 Introduction to Great Texts

Introduction to Great Texts explores the relationship between myth, storytelling, and practical wisdom. Do stories help us better understand how to live the good life? What is the role of creativity and the arts in shaping culture? How do storytelling and creative writing play a critical role in sharing with posterity the lessons we, and others before us, have learned about the human condition? Beginning with Plato’s “Myth of Atlantis” in the Timaeus and culminating in a study of the new Broadway classic, Hamilton: An American Musical. Readings also include works by Ovid,  C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Maya Angelou, and Helen Edmunson.

Meet the professor, Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray


More questions?

For questions concerning course offerings, please email Kristy Brischke at accelerate@baylor.edu.