Why should a student work?

In today's competitive market, it is even more important for students to distinguish themselves from others in post-graduation job searches. Gaining real-world experience is important for students to develop skills needed into today's workplace. 

Studies show that young professionals who obtain at least two or more employment experiences before graduation are twice as likely to secure gainful full-time employment post-graduation. Baylor University places an average of 3,000 students on campus jobs every year, along with identifying off-campus employment opportunities.

Employment on-campus is beneficial because our supervisors understand students are students first. Majority of on-campus supervisor allow flexibility around a student’s class schedule to accommodate their academic studies. This assists the student in focusing on their academic success while obtaining real world experience.

As the cost of college, in general, continues to increase, Baylor University understands the needs to “offset” the cost of tuition. Obtaining a job on-campus, allows a student to earn wages for supplementing debt.

Student Employment

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