Workplace Performance and Concerns

Concerns with a student employee in the workplace or performance issues should be reported to the Office of Student Employment.

When a student employee has a concern that arises in the workplace, they may:

  1. Report the concern to their direct supervisor or department head.
  2. Report the concern to Human Resources when there are issues regarding equal employment opportunities or workplace concerns.
  3. Report the concern to the Office of Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX when there are issues of sexual or gender harassment or discrimination.

For additional information on the process for filing a formal or informal grievance for employment-related matters such as disciplinary issues, demotions, reassignments, transfers, and terminations, visit the University Grievance Policy BUPP 822.

Supervisors have the responsibility to take action to prevent and immediately stop discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Additional rights and responsibilities to Baylor’s policy, including student employment, can be found at:

This document/website does not, and other associated documents or websites, establish or extend any contractual rights to student employees. All student employees are “at-will” employees.


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