Recording & Submitting Timecards

To learn about submitting and approving time cards in Ignite please visit the Ignite training website at

To provide accurate and timely payment to student employees, supervisors are responsible for guaranteeing that student employees timely report all actual hours worked on their Time Card in Ignite by the established deadlines. Students may not “volunteer” for hours for their assigned duties. As hourly wage employees, students are classified as “non-exempt” employees as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act, requiring all hours to be recorded and paid hourly. Student employees are required to complete and submit their time card in Ignite to their supervisor no later than midnight on the Sunday following the end of the pay period. Students are required to report all hours worked, even if they have violated the University policy on working more than 20 hours per week. Federal regulations require the University to pay for all hours worked. Supervisors are required to verify and approve, if necessary, the timecard report by Monday at noon of that week. Timecard submission deadlines for students and supervisors’ calendars may be found on the Payroll Office website.

It is important that the hiring manager and the student employee have a mutual understanding of the terms of the employment start/end dates and rate of pay. Supervisors must determine start dates that allow enough time for review and processing of required paperwork mentioned above prior to the student beginning work. Following these rules assists Baylor with compliance with applicable federal and Texas Pay Day Law.

This document/website does not, and other associated documents or websites, establish or extend any contractual rights to student employees. All student employees are “at-will” employees.


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