Steps for Student Employment

Required Documents

Visit the Office of Student Employment to complete the following documents. 

  • Form I-9 & Eligibility for Work Before a student employee reports for the first day of work, including orientation or training, the student must complete the Federal I9 form, both Section 1 and 2 by presenting acceptable original forms of identification (unexpired) for proof of eligibility to work to a Student Employment or Human Resources team member.
  • Form W-4 Before reporting for the first day of work, including orientation or training, students must complete in Ignite, the IRS required Form W-4 for income tax purposes, which includes a review of their Social Security card to verify name and number, before reporting for the first day of work. To learn more about completing the W-4 Form in Ignite, please visit the website
  • Direct Deposit - direct deposit is optional, but highly recommended for receiving your student worker pay. You will be able to track your earnings by using Ignite. If you prefer, you may use a Wisely Card instead of Direct Deposit. No physical checks well be provided.
  • Student Employment Confidentiality Agreement - Baylor student entrusted to be employees are expected to diligently perform the job for which he or she is employed. In addition to student employee you agree to uphold confidentiality as it relates to University sensitive data. 
  • Memo of Understanding (MOU) - Basic agreement with the University regarding the nature of your employment. This is form is signed by Faculty and Staff members as well.
Getting Paid

Student payroll occurs every two weeks based on the payroll schedule. The weekly student employee pay period runs from Sunday through Saturday. For more information on student payroll guidelines visit the Payroll website.

Student Employment

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