Matthew Andersson

Matthew Andersson
Associate Professor of Sociology
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Ph.D. Sociology, The University of Iowa, 2014
M.A. Sociology. The University of Iowa, 2011
B.A. Chemistry, Knox College, Summa Cum Laude, 2008
B.A. Psychology. Knox College, Summa Cum Laude, 2008


Dr. Matthew Andersson joined the Baylor faculty in 2016 after a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University. Dr. Andersson is a sociologist of health whose research focuses on health inequality as it unfolds across the life course and across differing national contexts. He studies socioeconomic inequalities in mental and physical well-being as they relate to childhood, adolescent, and adulthood factors. His research has yielded numerous publications in leading journals in the social and population health sciences on diverse contexts of health ranging from national policy regimes to schools, networks, workplaces, and families.

Recent Publications

Hitlin, Steven, and Matthew A. AnderssonForthcoming. The Science of Dignity: Measuring Personhood and Well-Being in the United States. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Andersson, Matthew A., Lindsay R. Wilkinson and Markus H. Schafer. Forthcoming. “The Long Arm of Childhood: Does It Vary According to Healthcare System Quality?” Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Andersson, Matthew A. and Steven Hitlin. 2022. “Subjective Dignity and Self-Reported Health: Results from the United States before and during the Covid-19 Pandemic.” Social Science & Medicine – Mental Health 2:100113-100121. 

Andersson, Matthew A. 2022. “Seeing Class in Ladders: An Integrated Approach to Subjective Status and Self-Rated Health.” Sociological Perspectives 65:608-629. 

Andersson, Matthew A., Vida Maralani and Renae Wilkinson. 2022. “Origins and Destinations, but How Much and When? Educational Disparities in Smoking and Drinking across Adolescence and Young Adulthood.” Population Research and Policy Review 41:521-558. 

Andersson, Matthew A., Michael Alexis Garcia and Jennifer Glass. 2021. “Work-Family Reconciliation and Children’s Well-Being Disparities across OECD Countries.” Social Forces.

Upenieks, Laura, Andersson, Matthew A., and Schafer, Markus H. 2021. “God, Father, Mother, Gender: How Are Religiosity and Parental Bonds During Childhood Linked to Midlife Flourishing?” Journal of Happiness Studies. 22 (7), 3199-3220.

Andersson, Matthew A. and Catherine E. Harnois. 2020. “Higher Exposure, Lower Vulnerability? The Curious Case of Education, Gender Discrimination, and Women’s Health.”  Social Science & Medicine 246:112780-112791.

Brazil, Noli and Matthew A. Andersson. 2020. “Mental Well-Being and Changes in Peer Ability from High School to College.” Youth & Society 52:687-709.

Schafer, Markus H. and Matthew A. Andersson. 2020. “Looking Homeward with the Life Course: Early Origins of Adult Dwelling Satisfaction?” Advances in Life Course Research 44:100328-100337.

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