PhD: Community Analytics

Why Study Community Analytics at Baylor?

The community analytics track for a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology provides the opportunity for qualified students to do graduate work in this discipline at the highest university level. It provides preparation for a career path in government agencies, institutes and corporations in which specialists in applied research are desired, or for a career path in teaching and research at the college and university setting.

Graduates from our program are highly trained in mail, telephone, and web-based survey methodology, needs assessment, interviewing and focus group research skills, mock juries and jury selection, demographic modeling, GIS, and the ability to use major statistical techniques and programs to analyze and interpret the results of such research. At Baylor we offer a collegial environment where success is celebrated. We offer committed faculty members who have a good history of writing and publishing with graduate students. We offer access to unique data. We offer opportunities to network with leading scholars in the field. Most importantly, we offer the time to engage in research.

What Can I Expect?

The first three years of the program concentrate on coursework. By the end of the second year, students will complete research resulting in a journal article or its equivalent, culminating in a master’s thesis. Upon completing comprehensive exams in the fourth year of the program, students are admitted to Ph.D. candidacy and spend their fifth year writing their dissertation.

We have a two-semester teacher-in-training sequence that all students must complete before they are allowed to teach a course at Baylor. This training will help students understand the many different areas of preparation that are necessary to establish and successfully manage a college course.

What Resources are Available?

At Baylor we take academics very seriously so we have made it a priority to offer full graduate assistantships and tuition remission to all whom we accept into the program. This funding maximizes the amount of time that students have to pursue their own independent research. We only admit a small cohort of student each Fall in order to ensure that quality funding and attention will be given to each student. With continued satisfactory progress toward the terminal Ph.D., funding is renewed for five years. All students have their own workspace and desktop computer with access to a wide variety of data analysis softwares (STATA, SAS, SPSS, GIS, Geoda, HLM, R, Nivio).

All graduate students in the department of sociology of are expected - and financially supported - to attend and present research papers at annual meetings for field-related associations, such as the Southwestern Sociological Association and the American Sociological Association. Students can expect support from the department and from the graduate school for two meetings per year.

What Experiences Will I Have Outside the Classroom?

Students of the community analytics track work at the Baylor Center for Community Research and Development (CCRD). The CCRD is a multi-disciplinary/method laboratory in which sociologists perform most of the research, while experts from varying fields lend their support. CCRD researchers employ several methods, and oftentimes extend their studies beyond the Waco metropolitan area.

The philosophy of the CCRD is to encourage Baylor faculty and students to engage in “hands-on” projects that positively and tangibly change organizations and communities. Students learn to apply community analytics methods to real-life settings and gain an understanding of an exceptional model for relations between community and academia.

What About an M.A. Degree?

The Sociology Department offers the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Students admitted into the PhD program will also earn an M.A. along the way.

The M.A. in sociology is only available to students admitted into the Ph.D. program which is usually completed by the second year of the program. For students seeking to enter the program with previous post-baccalaureate experience, the admissions committee will evaluate the work of the student and may apply a maximum of twelve semester hours of previous graduate coursework toward their graduate work at Baylor University.

How Do I Apply?

Please make your application via Graduate School Online Application

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