Jamie Quinn, MSIS

Director of Library Resource Center

MSIS   University of North Texas
BA       University of Texas at San Antonio

Contact Info:
Email: Jamie_Quinn@baylor.edu
Office: 972-576-9201

Work Experience
Ms. Quinn has 15 years of experience as a health sciences librarian. She has worked in academic and clinical settings supporting the information needs of administrators, physicians, nurses, and members of the public. During her service, she has obtained grant funding to support institutional information needs and support community partnerships. She enjoys sharing how to access quality research and consumer health information and supporting faculty publication pursuits.

Ms. Quinn has served on a variety of professional and academic committees which include: Chairing the Medical Library Association’s Award (MLA) Committee; serving on the MLA Eugene Garfield Research Fellowship Jury; Carla J. Funk Governmental Relations Award Jury and others. Within Baylor LHSON, Ms. Quinn serves on the Education Technology Committee, the Graduate Committee, the Graduate Curriculum Committee and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Active in HealthLINE, the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Health Science Librarians, Ms. Quinn has served on the Membership Committee, Communications Committee and is incoming Chair of HealthLINE serving as Chair in 2024.

Ms. Quinn has developed several presentations including “Taking the [hospital] community by storm! Disseminating WISER, CHEMM, and REMM database information to assist healthcare providers with disaster preparation, response, and recovery activities.” This presentation was created from grant funded activities. She has also created the presentation “100 Years of Medical Bookselling in the South” focusing on the history of Majors Bookstore and the one-hundred years of service to physicians and medical libraries in the southern U.S. She has presented on the NIH Open Access Policy and has developed the faculty/librarian audience attended symposium “New Trends in Scholarly Communication: Maximizing Author Impact” to foster discussion of Open Access Initiatives and accelerate author impact through increased article accessibility and readership.

Active in her local community, Ms. Quinn is a member of Heartland Church where she volunteers her time to serve in various capacities. She also serves on the book club committee for the Dallas group Work. Mom. Repeat., where working mothers encourage and support each other in careers and as forward-thinking parents. She encourages her son to serve and participate in youth ministry activities and martial arts.