Happy Lunar New Year - 2023

Dear LHSON Faculty, Staff and Students, 

Happy Lunar New Year! Lunar New Year is a time for many (especially those with origins from East and Southeast Asian countries) to celebrate the new year according to the lunisolar calendar. Other names for the Lunar New Year include the Spring Festival in China, Tet in Vietnam, Solnal in Korea and Losar in Tibet. Because it is based on the lunisolar calendar, the date ranges every year typically between late January or early February. This year, the lunar new year falls on January 22, 2023. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Rabbit which symbolizes auspiciousness and longevity. According to the Vietnamese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Cat with similar symbolism. In any case, this is the fourth Zodiac sign based on a 12-year cycle. 

Lunar New Year is an important holiday when family members come together and celebrate with food. The celebration traditionally includes honoring ancestors, wearing red or yellow clothing, and weeklong festivals that include fireworks to bring Good Luck and Prosperity for the new year. Instead of gifts given during Christmas, children are given money inside red envelopes for the Lunar New Year. The Multicultural Student Nurses Association (MSNA) would like to partake in the celebration of the Lunar New Year by doing something similar. 

We will have a table set up in the LHSON lobby for the celebration during the Spring FIESTA on Monday, January 23rd. Everyone is welcome to come grab a red envelope with blessings. Feel free to drop by as your schedule permits! 

We wish you all blessings for a year filled with happiness, good health, and many successes! 


The Multicultural Student Nurses Association (MSNA)