Service and Missions Overview

Students in the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing are offered the opportunity to participate in missions. It’s a decision to serve and do extraordinary good to make the world a better place. Through domestic and international missions students give back to the community with their nursing skills and spiritual heart.

Why Missions Matter
Missions provide an opportunity to:
• Communicate the gospel of Christ in word and deed
• Actualize your faith through service
• Grow your world view and connect with others globally
• Stretch your comfort zone and cultivate humility
• Discover and develop your cross cultural skills
• Be the Salt and Light in God’s world

Application Overview
• Classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate)
• Passport (this is not necessary for state-side trips)
• Mission Trip History
- Have you ever been on a medical mission trip?
- Have you ever been on a mission/service trip?
- What are some reasons for you going on a mission trip with LHSON?
- What is your faith story?

LHSON Global
Bengaluru, India - January
Brazil - Spring Trimester
Peru - Spring Break
Zambia, Africa - Summer

LHSON Domestic 
Rio Grande Valley, Quarterly

Nursing Study Abroad
Nursing and Health Care in Great Britain
Multidisciplinary Global Health in Africa