Upper-Division Honors

Honors Colloquium

Since the program's establishment in 1959, Honors Colloquium has been an integral element of the Honors curriculum. Colloquium offers Honors students the opportunity to meet six times per semester, in small groups, to discuss books and readings selected by Baylor professors and civic leaders in Waco. One semester of Colloquium (HON 3200) is required, but a second semester of Colloquium (HON 3201) is available for interested students.

Honors Work by Contract in Upper-Division Courses

During their junior and senior years, Honors Program students arrange to do advanced work in select upper-division courses, most often in their major fields; this work earns them Honors credit for these courses and contributes to the development of their thesis projects.

Advanced Readings and Research

During their third year, Honors students undertake two sections of "Advanced Readings" (one credit-hour each), to explore specific topics in their disciplinary major or concentration while under the guidance of a faculty mentor. These courses enable each student to define an area of research that will become the basis for her or his Honors thesis.

The Honors Thesis Project

The capstone of the Honors Program is the preparation of a thesis essay or equivalent project that presents the results of original research, conducted under the direction of a faculty mentor. The project must be defended before a committee of faculty in the research field. Upon completion, the Honors thesis demonstrates the student's mastery of the intellectual skills prerequisite to further critical inquiry and scholarship.  The thesis hours are awarded a grade of "credit" or "no credit".

Honors Exit Review

All Honors Program students are required to register for the Honors Exit Review during their final semester in the program.  Credit for the review is earned by satisfying all of the program requirements for graduation including the timely submission of the thesis.  (Note that failure to submit the thesis, though completed, by the deadline on the syllabus will preclude Honors graduation.)