Prospective Students

At Baylor and especially in the Honors College, we are concerned that the "smart" you bring with you is here added to by knowledge, certainly – the specific knowledge and means of knowledge in the discipline or disciplines to which you will most be attracted. But we want for you more than that: we want you to add to intelligence and knowledge qualitatively higher and integrative achievements such as understanding and wisdom.
- Dr David L. Jeffrey
Distinguished Professor of Literature and Humanities in the Honors Program


All highly qualified and highly motivated students entering Baylor University are eligible to apply to join the program as freshmen. Students are generally not required to have a specific minimum standardized-test score to be eligible to apply. Nonetheless, applicants are helped by having SAT or ACT scores at least in the average range set by prior years' Honors freshmen. The cohort entering the program in 2016 averaged around 1390 on the old SAT (Math plus Critical Reading) and 31 (Composite) on the ACT.

However, in addition to important numerical measures like these, we also value applications that demonstrate students' interests in the communal life of scholarship and service, that show how applicants want to ground themselves in great works inside and outside their principal fields of study, and that describe applicants' ambitions to connect with fellow students and faculty members in developing research projects that will, in many cases, set the stage for further study at the graduate- or professional-school level.


The Baylor Honors Program is one of four academic programs in the Baylor Honors College (along with the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, Great Texts, and University Scholars).  Click HERE to begin your application to the Honors Program or another program in the Honors College.

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