Honors Colloquium

Honors 3200 & 3201: Colloquium

Colloquium is a two-credit-hour course for sophomores and juniors in the Honors Program. Students attend five designated Colloquia on designated Monday evenings during the semester, in small groups, for informal discussions of books and readings selected mostly by Baylor instructors. A sixth and final Colloquium brings all the students together for a discussion usually with an invited speaker. These conversations introduce Honors students to a variety of classical and contemporary issues and to the distinctive perspectives of scholarly disciplines other than their major fields of study.

The course assignments include the required reading and preparation for each session, participation in each of the discussions from 7:00 to 9:30 PM, and a written response (of 600 to 800 words) to each of the assigned and discussed texts.

Colloquium leaders review these response essays, evaluating each student's overall performance (including discussion contribution) in the Colloquium with a grade ranging from 0-10. The students' final grades in Colloquium are determined by their total points.

If the Independent Readings sequence and the Honors thesis allow students to probe academic fields deeply, the Colloquium courses prompt them to engage content and to ask questions about materials that are in some cases far removed from their own disciplinary homes.