Mack Gingles

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Associate Professor of Art

Mack Gingles was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. The compulsion to draw emerged right away and was embraced by a house full of people who draw. The desire to paint most likely began with coursework pursuant to his first degree (Graphic Design; subsequent degrees: Studio Art; and Painting and Drawing). After working as an art director and serving concurrently in the Navy Reserve, he committed himself fully to the study of art and to the life of the studio. Gingles joined the Baylor Art Department faculty in 2011. His work has been exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions across the United States, and by invitation at the Museum of Modern Fine Arts in Belarus and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Macedonia. His work has also been published in the circulated New American Paintings.

MFA, Louisiana State University
BFA, Louisiana Tech University
BFA, Louisiana Tech University

Artist Statement

My drawings and paintings work at a description of the people around me. Often these figures are distracted and set against a quiet but visually treacherous space. The situation is generally unclear and seemingly harmless, but there is often some aspect of the work that explores my image of the South. Over time I have come to rely on this format as a means to question what I know. The distance between knowing and not knowing is what interests me.

I choose mark-making materials that invite this questioning sensibility and resist closure. Certainly there are more efficient ways to engage in appearances, but none I believe suggest a perspective so decidedly human as touch with a brush or a stick of charcoal. My work is created out of a need for this ongoing play between content and media. Gesture is at the heart of my work's psychology as it attempts to reconcile the more essential qualities of the form and ultimately the subject.

Professional Work

"Back Way", 40"x22", Charcoal on Paper, 2015
"By First Light", 34"x21", Charcoal on Paper, 2014
"Daybreak", 40"x25", Charcoal on Paper, 2015
"From the Sky", 39"x19", Charcoal on Paper, 2014
"Lockbox", 31"x20", Charcoal on Paper, 2014
"Lookout Mountain", 17"x31", Charcoal on Paper, 2014
"The Promise", 35"x20", Charcoal on Paper, 2014