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Healthy Monday Campaign

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History of Healthy Monday

  • Program was developed in 2005 by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
  • Most people generally organize their week around Monday, which makes it a great day to set new health goals and objectives
  • The idea came from Sid Lerner while researching preventative diseases. He realized that due to the increasing number of preventative diseases, a new way of thinking was needed to combat this problem

What is Healthy Monday?

  • The goal of Healthy Monday is to promote healthier living as a way to decrease preventable diseases
  • Healthy Monday is a way to inform Americans that their lifestyles behaviors have health consequences (good or bad)
  • Each and every Monday, there is a specific call to action


  • The Monday Mile
    • Organize teams of friends, families, and co workers at a set time
    • Mark off a mile or trail
    • Offers the opportunity for healthy activities, as well as meeting new people

  • Quit and Stay Quit Monday
    • A way for people to stop smoking
    • People are more likely to start healthy behaviors on Monday

  • The Monday 2000
    • 2000 calories is the amount of recommended from the FDA for calorie consumption a day
    • People can use Monday, after a weekend of indulging

  • Meatless Monday
    • Past US President encouraged US citizens to go meatless during both World Wars
    • Goal is to improve personal health and health of the planet

  • Search Your Sunday, Go Healthy Monday
    • Faith based initiative created by the American Heart Association
    • Goals are to increase heart health and stroke prevention in communities of color
    • American Heart Association, in cooperation with churches will provide heart health messages to churches
    • Messages would encourage their members during Sunday services to make healthy changes on Monday