Certificate of Ministry Program

Certificate of Ministry Program

Welcome to the Certificate of Ministry Program through Truett Seminary and Baylor University.

This program is designed for people who want the education and confidence that comes with a seminary education, but who do not have the finances, schedule, or inclination/ability to go to seminary. We desire this program to educate and equip pastors, ministers, and lay-people with solid scriptural instruction, theology, and ministerial preparation, while they are engaged in their current schedules and lives.


Our goal is for anyone to gain knowledge of their faith, confidence in ministry, and an increased effectiveness in ministering to others. Whether you feel called to serve a local church as pastor/minister/volunteer, study the Bible more, or simply to pursue your faith more deeply, we want to help you with a program that is tailored to your calling and desires.

How it Works

After 10 years of correspondence based work, we are transitioning to a much more efficient and featured online based program. This transition will take a few months before it is complete, but new students will still be able to start on this new course track and continue along it as the new courses are rolled out.

Students are assigned readings and simple course assignments that are completed and turned in online. Assignments are short, but intended to prompt thinking and reflection, and students will progress from one course to the next until finished.

Studies in the Certificate of Ministry Program are self-directed. There are no classes to attend (unless you participate in an optional class at a participating church - contact us about these options), or schedules that must be adhered to. You are free to progress on an accelerated schedule, or to take your time. We understand the difficulties of managing commitments of work, rest, family, ministry, and studies. This program is designed to allow you to determine how it might best fit in your schedule.


The course structure is 6 core courses which are 12 weeks each, and then 4 additional courses that will vary depending on your context of ministry and interests. These additional courses are usually only 8 weeks each, which means that the entire program is intended to be completed in only 2 years of very manageable study.

Each course costs $200 for registration fees, books, and materials, as well as a $10 per course technology fee.

If you are unable to pay the entire course registration amount, and would like to arrange a payment plan, or to inquire about group/family discounts, or other discounts and scholarships, please contact the Certificate of Ministry Program office at Truett_Certificate@baylor.edu.