Vision: To be the presence of Christ in sports culture for the good of sports persons and the glory of God.

"Being in the sports ministry program has helped me to reconcile not just how to work theology and the Christian faith into sports, but also how to engage culture from a Christian point of view. It has also helped me see sports from a different perspective and shown me that one can be a Christian-athlete, not just a Christian and an athlete."
- Grant Rainey,
Sports Chaplaincy Student

Baylor University believes that the inquiry about sports and religion is not merely an historic matter but a contemporary issue for the Academy and the Church to answer. It requires virtue, theological thinking, practical training, and holistic action for today. To attend responsibly to this matter, George W. Truett Theological Seminary has partnered with Baylor Athletics to launch a new Sports Ministry program that addresses how to live and work practically in sports in a manner worthy of the gospel.

We aim to educate and prepare students to be sports ministry leaders in and through the local church or sports leaders to integrate their Christian faith effectively as athletic directors, administrators, coaches and teachers in the world of sports. Integral to this purpose is the development of Christian intellectual and moral virtues which confirm the identity and function of Christian leaders and ministers as "salt and light", giving wisdom and hope in sports and life. Whether you are beginning in sports ministry or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to join us to go deeper as the church for the good of people and the glory of God.


Sports Ministry

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