A Pledge of Love:
The Anabaptist Sacramental Theology of Balthasar Hubmaier

Balthasar Hubmaier remains one of the most significant figures in the radical reformation of the sixteenth century. A Pledge of Love is close and thorough examination of Hubmaiers view of the sacraments within the context of worship. This ground-breaking work examines the distinctive theology of this important Anabaptist and his possible influence upon others. It seeks to demonstrate that for Hubmaier the rites of the church are forefront in the development of his theology, both during his early Catholic career and during his tenure as an Anabaptist pastor and teacher. The book examines the development of Hubmaier's doctrines of Eucharist, baptism and other possible signs of sacrament, concluding with a review of Hubmaier's liturgical contributions to Anabaptist worship.