Beyond Companionship: Christians In Marriage

In 'Beyond Companionship - Christians In Marriage', Diana and David Garland examine some of the prevailing ideas about marriage that are held by many church leaders, social scientists, counselors, and therapists.

Among the myths they dispel:
-There is a pattern for Christian married life applicable in all times and places
-Couples can have a good marriage if they work at it hard enough.
-Marriage is the most important relationship in life.
-In an ideal marriage the partners talk continuously about their relationship.

Beyond discussion of the marriage myths, the authors look at current biblical interpretations of marriage, being married in America, a good marriage and the need for a sense of task, the role of anger and conflict, sexuality, and, finally, the unresolved differences that can lead to divorce. Diana and David Garland bring to this book special insights from their respective fields - social work and biblical studies - and the experience gained from being married to each other.