Advanced standing is credit given to incoming students for introductory courses including Introduction to Christian Scriptures, Introduction to Christian History, Introduction to Christian Theology, and the introductory courses of Greek and Hebrew. Students may qualify for advanced standing if they graduated with a degree in religion and maintained at least a "B" average.

Advanced standing status is granted at the discretion of the Associate Dean. Students may submit their request to be considered for advanced standing after they have been admitted into Truett Seminary and paid their enrollment deposit. Students may also submit a petition during their first semester at Truett to the Associate Dean requesting advanced standing and must substitute other courses (electives) for these required hours to complete their degree.

Students may be granted advanced standing without credit and be exempted from the introductory courses if they have been religion majors in college and have already covered the introductory material.

Students may be granted advanced standing with credit for the introductory courses, reducing the number of required hours to complete the degree, if they pass the appropriate written exam that demonstrates their knowledge, competency, and skills in that area of study. Baylor University charges a fee for the administration and grading of each exam for credit.

Students who have proficiency in Greek and/or Hebrew may skip the introductory courses in Greek and/or Hebrew, but must pass a three-hour course in Greek Readings and/or Hebrew Readings with at least a "B" to reduce hours to complete their degree.