Registering for Classes

Incoming Seminary Students! M.Div. only - Non dual degree and non-advanced standing:
As you register remember:

  1. Registering for classes - 9 hours (3 classes) is considered full time for financial aid purposes. Many students enroll in 12 hours or 4 classes.
  2. Include in your registration for classes your Covenant Group -
    COVG 7001 - (7001 does not count as a class)
  3. You are welcome to contact the Office of Student Services for further help if needed at 254-710-6071
  4. Suggested Course Load for beginning seminary students:
During the first two semesters, M.Div. students only are required to take the Biblical languages courses.

Dual Degree and M.T.S students are not required to take the Biblical languages courses.
Along with the Introduction courses listed, suggested courses for Dual Degree and M.T.S. students are noted below.

THEO 7340 - Introduction to Christian Scriptures
THEO 7343 - Introduction to Christian History
THEO 7345 - Introduction to Christian Theology
THEO 7346 - New Testament Greek I
THEO 7453 – Hebrew

Recommended courses for Dual Degree and M.T.S. students instead of language courses:
THEO 7316 - Christian Worship
THEO 7396 - Baptist Identity
LEAD 7301 - Leadership for Ministry
MSSN 7385 - Christian World Mission
PRTH 7350 - Christian Religious Education: Youth
PRTH 7354 – Seminar in College Ministry
PRTH 7379 – Principles of Teaching the Christian Faith

Possible course load for Advanced Standing students with language taken as an undergraduate:
THEO 7370 - Christian Scriptures 1
THEO 7360 - Christian Texts and Traditions 1
THEO 7396 - Baptist Identity or THEO 7316 - Christian Worship or PRCH 7316 - Preaching 1
THEO 7V54 - Hebrew Readings or THEO 7V48 - Greek Language Readings

For M.Div./M.S.W., M.Div./M.M., or M.T.S/M.S.W., M.T.S/M.M. students:
M.Div./M.S.W students – Marilyn Gusukuma, Program Director for the School of Social Work at (254-710-3701) to complete advisement.
M.Div./M.M. students - Dr.Laurel Zeiss, graduate advisor in the School of Music (254-710-1417) to complete advisement.
M.T.S./M.T.S. Dual Degree – Dr. Grear Howard, Director, Student Services, Truett Seminary (254-710-6087)

For M.Div Students Seeking Advanced Standing:
Students who have taken Greek, Hebrew, or courses equivalent to Introduction to Christian History, Introduction to Christian Scriptures, or Introduction to Christian Theology may qualify for advanced standing resulting in a reduction or a replacement of hours needed for graduation. Students interested in being considered for advance standing should submit requests by mail or email Grear Howard immediately.

Students may be granted advanced standing without credit (replace hours) and be exempted from the introductory courses if they have been religion majors in college and have already covered the introductory material. They will need to submit a petition during their first semester at Truett to the Associate Dean requesting this advanced standing and must substitute other courses (electives) for these required hours to complete their degree.

Students may be granted advanced standing with credit (reduce hours) for the introductory courses if they pass the appropriate written exam that demonstrates their knowledge, competency, and skills in that area of study. Please email the Associate Dean's office for information. Baylor University charges a fee for the administration and grading of each exam for credit. The fee for these tests is $347.00 per exam. It must be prepaid through the Baylor Cashier's office.

If you need further help, please call Student Services at 254-710-6071