Greetings from the Truett Journal of Church and Mission Board of Editors,

Thank you for your interest in our journal. The purpose of the journal is to provide a space for students to publish well-crafted, written pieces regarding the mission and practice of the church in an academic, peer-reviewed journal. As students journey together through Truett, each must develop what “mission” and “church” means individually. For some this will mean a calling to the mission field or to the pulpit. For others this may be a calling to social work, music, youth, non-profit work, or continued academics. A diversity of callings exists within our walls, mirrored by a profound diversity of how God’s work with each individual to understand his or her role in the mission Dei. Truett equips its student not only to discover and to define these concepts but also to provide them with the academic challenges that result in the work published in the journal.

Within each journal you will find a variety of articles, essays, sermons, reviews, and responses grappling with these concepts. Some look specifically at Scripture, while another might address modern missions in Africa. From theology to exegesis, from ancient to modern, and everything in between, the Truett Journal seeks a comprehensive understanding of the Church’s place in the world. Our intention is that fuller understanding through careful reflection enables faithful obedience to the mission which Christ has entrusted to the church. This journal is our invitation for you to join us in our ongoing journey to enter more deeply into the life of the Kingdom of God, and we hope that you find, within its pages, a glimpse into the work God is accomplishing at Truett and through its students.


Claire Hein
Student Editor-in-Chief