The D.Min. degree program at Truett Seminary is designed as a path toward excellence and maximum effectiveness in ministry. The D.Min. journey offers learning and mentoring opportunities to help move each participant toward the full development of ministry gifts and skills. The learning events and environments at Truett are designed and shaped by a faculty and guest practitioners prepared to guide you into significant growth.

As a member of a Truett D.Min. cohort you will join other experienced ministers and missionaries in seminars and spiritual formation experiences designed to challenge and encourage you into meaningful and significant growth. You will be challenged by the expectation that you will integrate the gleanings of rigorous scholarship with the most effective ministry practices. Your individual study and the mutuality of a cohort of learners journeying together makes the Truett D.Min. experience a rich and rewarding endeavor.


Admission to the D.Min. program requires an M.Div. degree or its educational equivalent from an accredited seminary. The Truett seminary M.Div. is the standard used for equivalency considerations. A 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale is required. Each applicant must also have at least three years of full-time ministry experience following the completion of the MDiv or an equivalent degree.