We are currently accepting applications for the University Ministerial Scholarship for the Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 academic year. Interested Baylor graduates should apply for the Dean's Scholarship. Interested students should contact Student Services for more information.


For a number of years, Truett Seminary has been providing the University Ministerial Scholarship (UMS) for select Baptist students who have shown an outstanding combination of academic prowess, leadership potential, and ministry experience. This is a competitive scholarship. Prospective student applications will be reviewed by a committee with the goal of those most suited for the scholarship receiving the award. There are a limited number of scholarships.

The UMS scholarship is designated for those called into church ministry, missions, social work, and/or other areas of ministry. This scholarship is to be offered to students who are given high recommendations from faculty, local church pastors/staff as well as personal references.


Interested students should apply for the University Ministerial Scholarship during the fall preceding the year they are interested in enrolling in seminary. Each applicant must submit a complete UMS application, a complete Truett Seminary admissions application, and possibly participate in an interview, which may occur in either December or January.

Truett Seminary will now begin an early application period for UMS applicants. To be considered for early admission with the assurance of the UMS, your UMS application and Truett Seminary application must have been submitted by December 13th. To be considered for regular admission, your UMS application and your Truett Seminary application must be received by May 1st. Please note that the University Ministerial Scholarships may or may not be available for the May 1 deadline. Please contact our office for availability.

Students are encouraged to apply for the University Ministerial Scholarship during the fall of the year preceding the year they intend to enroll at Truett. However, students who are beginning in the Spring semester may apply during the Fall immediately preceding their enrollment at Truett Seminary. Please note that the UMS scholarship award will not begin until the Fall semester and the student will be awarded the standard Baptist tuition award for the first Spring semester (and summer terms, if applicable). Therefore, we encourage Spring applicants to apply for the UMS one year prior to when they are considering enrolling at Truett to receive the full benefit of the scholarship.

You may download these applications on our website at:

UMS applications might also be available on university campuses in your Religion/Christian Studies Department and Baptist Student Ministries office. Completed UMS applications should be mailed to:

George W. Truett Theological Seminary
ATTN: Admissions
One Bear Place 97126
Waco, TX 76798-7126
Deadline to apply: December 13th (early decision) or May 1st (regular decision, if scholarships remain)

  • Baptist denominational affiliation
  • Minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Completed UMS application which includes a reference form that reflects evidence of ministry experience supported by involvement in BSM, church ministry, student missions.
  • Involved in a Baptist church with a desire to serve in a Baptist church or ministry.

*Please note that qualified applicants do not need to apply for both the UMS and the Dean's Scholarship. If you hold a degree from Baylor, please apply for the Dean's Scholarship instead of the UMS, which is provided for students who do not hold a degree from Baylor.

The Award

100% Tuition scholarship for the Master of Divinity degree at Truett Seminary. The scholarship will cover the tuition of 93 attempted hours of the M.Div. program at Truett. The distribution of the award is contingent upon the each student's application, acceptance, and timing of his/her start of classes at Truett. Please note that the earliest a student may receive the award is June 1.