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At Baylor's Truett Seminary, students are equipped with both knowledge and experience to pursue God's call to ministry. Students work in mentoring relationships alongside pastors, international missionaries and leaders of faith-based entities to gain a unique understanding of life in ministry and insight into the day-to-day operations of churches and organizations. Truett graduates are academically prepared and spiritually equipped to lead and to serve the Church and a world in need.

We are pastors and scholars. We are educators and mentors. We are students and ministers.

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Community for Now...And Beyond

Community is a word that you will hear often around the campus of Truett Seminary. But "community" isn't just a word to us - it's a way of life. We are committed to learn together, worship together, live together, and journey together. AND it doesn't end at graduation. Lifelong friendships and networking opportunities follow Truett graduates long after graduation. We hope that you will take the next step to join the Truett Seminary community. Visit us now by registering for one of our Previews or apply now!


Noted Scholars, Respected Church Leaders

Truett Seminary's faculty are renowned for their excellence in teaching, their passion for the student body, and their exceptional body of publications. However, they are also known around the state of Texas and beyond for their commitment to the Church. Our faculty are leaders in church and missions. Not only do they teach the students of Truett Seminary what it means to be women and men of God who are called to serve the church, they lead by example.

News & Events

Dean Still has edited and released God and Israel: Providence and Purpose in Romans 9–11. This new book traces the ways in which providence and purpose are realized as God’s Word to and about Israel in Romans 9–11. Written by gifted and tested Pauline interpreters, the volume offers a fresh reading of this vexed and vexing part of Paul in the context of Romans and the Pauline witness.
Dr. David Wilhite has released Ancient African Christianity: An Introduction to a Unique Context and Tradition. Christianity spread across North Africa early, and it remained there as a powerful force much longer than anticipated. While this African form of Christianity largely shared the Latin language and Roman culture of the wider empire, it also represented a unique tradition that was shaped by its context. Ancient African Christianity attempts to tell the story of Christianity in Africa from its inception to its eventual disappearance. Well-known writers such as Tertullian, Cyprian, and Augustine are studied in light of their African identity, and this tradition is explored in all its various expressions.
Join us on Thursday, June 29 from 5-7pm for our annual Friends of Truett Dinner at the CBF General Assembly. We will meet in the Hanover Room of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Special dietary meals are available upon request.
Dr. Michael W. Stroope has released Transcending Mission: The Eclipse of a Modern Tradition, which discusses the language of mission; where did it come from, when did we start using this language, and what the implications are for using the term "missions?"
Dr. John B. White, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Director of the Sports Chaplaincy/Ministry Program at Truett, will deliver the endowed Greenhoe Lectures at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary on March 26-28, 2017.

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