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Texas History Day

Student Oral History Award

TOHA recognizes outstanding use of oral history in junior and senior individual documentaries entered in the state's annual history fair contest, held the first weekend in May, in Austin. Texas History Day is sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association, which allows associations like TOHA to present special awards to entries that reflect the particular interests of the organization.

We appreciate the gifts of time and talent given by our Texas History Day special award judges. To win the TOHA award, students must interview at least three people and demonstrate use of the interview materials in their documentaries. The award consists of a certificate. First and second-place winners also receive a TOHA medal.

Year after year, the fact that the use of oral history research contributes to the historical quality of documentaries is proven by the number of students who earn the TOHA special award and also advance to the national contest by winning first or second place in the regular judging. Individual and group entries that place first or second in their category (paper, exhibit, documentary, website, or performance) and division (junior or senior) advance to National History Day, held in Maryland in June.

Congratulations to the well-deserving students who qualify for and win the TOHA Texas History Day Award!