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Meetings & Conferences

2015 Calendar
March 5-7
Texas State Historical Association
Corpus Christi

April 25
TOHA Annual Conference

TOHA comes together in program meetings and conferences to share insights gained through oral history research. Our TOHA meetings and conferences are open to the public. We welcome you to come take part as a listener or to propose a presentation of your own research. Visit the links below to learn more about the opportunities available through our meetings and conferences.

Joint-Session Program Meetings

Since 1984, TOHA has sponsored program sessions in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA). The meetings are held during the first week of March, commemorating Texas Independence Day. During the TOHA session, two or three oral history researchers present scholarly papers on topics related to the history and culture of our state. Click here to view a list of our Past Program Meetings.

TOHA's 2015 program meeting

From time to time, TOHA has also sponsored program sessions at annual meetings of the East Texas Historical Association or West Texas Historical Association. Check this page for announcements of future joint sessions with these important state organizations.

Annual Conferences

In 2012, TOHA initiated its first annual conference. The conference is a day set aside to share oral history research outcomes, to meet people with like interests, and to gain inspiration and encouragment for oral history projects.

TOHA's 2012 conference
TOHA's 2013 conference
TOHA's 2014 conference
TOHA's 2015 conference
TOHA's 2016 conference