School Breakfast Programs

Studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children. Eating breakfast improves children's educational performance, behavior, and health.

Additionally, research shows that children who eat breakfast perform better in school on standardized tests and they have fewer behavioral and health problems. The School Breakfast Program is designed to allow schools to ensure that children start the day alert and engaged.

Schools are eligible to receive federal reimbursement for breakfasts served to children through the School Breakfast Program though many schools do no participate. Even in schools that do serve breakfast, participation is often low when compared with total enrollment or participation in the National School Lunch Program.

Expanding the School Breakfast Program is a simple strategy that will improve the environment of a school. There are various strategies and methods that can expand school breakfast and help the program reach more students. For more information about THI's work with the School Breakfast Program please contact our No Kid Hungry Campaign Manager, Grace Norman. To learn more about School Breakfast, view our Texas School Breakfast Report Card.

Examples of different Breakfast Serving Methods to increase student participation in the School Breakfast Program:
  • Breakfast in the Classroom
  • Grab and Go Breakfast
  • Breakfast After First Period
  • Breakfast on the Bus
  • Vending Machines

You can find these methods explained in detail on pages six and seven of our Texas School Breakfast Resource Guide