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Welcome to the Texas Hunger Initiative

In a nation as wealthy as ours, no one should have to go hungry, yet more than 48 million Americans and 4.5 million Texans are at risk of hunger every day. Lack of collaboration, inefficient programs and ineffective policies are keeping resources that exist from getting to the people that need them most. The problem is complex and finding a practical way to engage can be difficult, but THI is coordinating efforts in Texas on all levels—local, state and federal—to find comprehensive, sustainable solutions to food insecurity.


March 8, 2017
VIDEO: In partnership with the Texas Hunger Initiative, students from Baylor University are spending part of their spring break studying the issue of hunger across Texas. On Wednesday, the students visited schools in San Angelo to learn more about the district's breakfast in the classroom program. Interviewed for the story is Gabriela Fierro, a freshman political science/environmental studies major from Houston.
Feb. 28, 2017
Baylor’s Texas Hunger Initiative, Baylor’s Campus Kitchen and No Kid Hungry recently held a food drive and hunger awareness forum that focused on students who experience food insecurity. Quoted are Cara Cliburn Allen, a graduate student studying student hunger; Nathan Allman, Ph.D., associate professor of educational leadership in the School of Education; and Rebecca Peirce, a junior from College Station and director of Baylor Campus Kitchens. “At a private school, we incorrectly assume that everyone has money for basic necessities like food,” Allen said. “We must fight the stigma against hunger.”