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Welcome to the Texas Hunger Initiative

It’s not just about feeding every hungry family in Texas. It’s greater than that. It’s about ending hunger in America. It’s about a quantifiable, evidence-based model to eliminate food insecurity for over 17 million American households. It’s about a capacity building initiative to provide states with the purchasing power and distribution network to systematically wipe out hunger. It’s about rethinking how we as a nation run our social assistance programs. It’s about a university at the forefront of poverty research. Where social science meets social responsibility. Where learning is magnified by doing. Where fact is energized by faith. And where the words “love thy neighbor," are not just words.

In the United States, we have the resources to bring an end to food insecurity. At the Texas Hunger Initiative, we work at the federal, state and local level to bridge the gap between the resources that exist and the people that need them most. We help increase access to existing programs, maximize the efforts of charities and volunteers, build collaboration to ensure community members are working together and strengthen all of this work with university research.