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Sing! Goes Green

by Joey Darwish

All-University Sing, one of Baylor's most exciting and competitive traditions, has made its way back to Waco Hall, a theatre that seats around 2200 people. In the 57 years since Sing began, the competition has undergone many changes, from the addition of Pigskin to the incorporation of dance and backdrops into the acts.

For the 2010 festivities, Sing is going a step further. Sing has partnered with the Baylor Sustainability Department in an effort to try and be greener. They have committed to cutting lights by 50% during rehearsals in an effort to conserve energy. This year's Sing programs will also feature the Baylor reNEW logo, and attendees will be encouraged to recycle their programs rather than throwing them away. Competing groups are also being encouraged to save and reuse props and backdrops from their acts for future events such as Pigskin, After Dark, and Homecoming.

"Making an effort for sustainability should be a part of all programs at Baylor, and All-University Sing is no different. This year we are committed to making a conscious effort in that direction. From being mindful of our energy usage to waste management to reusing old props and costumes, Student Productions is doing its part for a more sustainable university," says Keith Frazee, Coordinator of Student Productions at Baylor University.

It is the department's hope that with an event as big as Sing taking steps to go green, it will set a precedent for other organizations on campus to do the same. This is part of the sustainability department's larger efforts to make all of Baylor's campus greener.