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Student Spotlight: Jessica Oen, Senior
Why do you go green?

I go green as a way to not take for granted the valuable resources we have been blessed with. We have been called to be stewards of this God-given world, and preserving our environment is one way of doing that.

What has been your experience with Baylor Sustainability?

My time with Baylor Sustainability has been an awesome learning experience. I have come out with a better knowledge and appreciation for the green movement, and what exactly it means.The experiences along the way have challenged me to broaden my scope of the here-and-now and be more conscience of the choices I make that effect not only our environment, but our fellow man.

What would you say to other students about going green at Baylor?

It is not a political stance or an agenda that is being pushed. It is taking care of the earth's resources-sustaining what we depend upon. I would challenge them to think outside the box about going green. It's not just about the environment; it's about the mark you leave for your fellow student and the next generation.

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In accordance with its Christian mission and vision, Baylor University strives to be a community that fulfills its calling as stewards of God's gift of creation. Here you will find the latest news about sustainability efforts around campus, as well as resources to help you instill ecologically-friendly practices at work, on-campus, and at home.

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