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UNITE Intervarsity

UNITE InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a student-led organization at Baylor University. We are a PARA-CHURCH organization--we are not affiliated with any local church, but we do foster a culture in which students mature holistically and work to advance God's purposes at Baylor, in the Waco community and in the world. We are MULTI-ETHNIC--we welcome students of all cultures and are dedicated to establishing a diverse community where students can openly engage in intercultural dialogue. Throughout the school year, we hold various weekly small group Bible studies, a weekly Prayer Party and monthly large group gatherings. In addition, we often host fun social events such as game nights, potluck dinners and retreats. Furthermore, we do service projects and outreaches regularly to Baylor and the Waco community.
Contact Info:
Zach Hays
Anthony Potts
How to Join
UNITE Intervarsity welcomes ALL Baylor students. There are no fees, initiations or membership requirements. Just COME & SEE. Here's how: 1. Contact one of our friendly leaders above who will gladly help you get more information & get plugged in. 2. Email us at 3. View the UNITE calendar located on this page for upcoming weekly meetings & special events for you. COME & SEE.
Weekly Events
Freshman Small Group When: Monday nights at 7pm. Where: Old Main Who to Contact:; Monday Night Small Group When: Monday nights at 7pm. Where: SUB 3rd floor Who to contact: Tuesday Night Small Group When: Tuesday nights at 7pm Where: SUB 3rd floor Who to contact:; Large Group When: Every other Wednesday night at 7 Where: Old Main 205 Who to contact:;;
Purpose, Vision & Values
At UNITE, our vision is to see... Students and faculty transformed, Baylor renewed & World changers developed. At UNITE, our purpose is... To establish and advance at Baylor University a witnessing community of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord. At UNITE, we value... Prayer, Authentic Community, Ethnic Reconciliation, Inductive Scripture Study, Leadership Development, Spiritual Formation, Baylor University, Evangelism, Service, Social Justice. At UNITE, we grow in our love for... God, God's word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture & God's purposes in the world.