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Graduate Association of School Psychology

To facilitate professional development and fellowship for graduate students and alumni of the School Psychology Program at Baylor. GASP strives to be involved in the local schools and surrounding communities while requiring academic excellence of its members
Contact Info:
Meeting Times: Tuesday 08:00 PM Draper 203
How to Join
Must be a current graduate student or alumnus of the Baylor School Psychology Program. Contact the President or Faculty Advisor.
-Samantha M AckardPres.
-Jessica D Walker VP
-Kelsey L Henry
-Leslie A Knapp


Autism Walk 2009

Thank you for all of you that joined us on April, 25th for the Autism Walk!. It was a great turnout! Thanks to the Heart of Texas Autism Network, and the community, for all of their help and support to help raise awareness for those on the autism spectrum and their families.

Bear the Difference 2009

The First Annual Disabilities Awareness Conference, \\\"Bear the Difference\\\", was a stunning success! The passionate and enlightening speakers made this event one not to miss. The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation (OALA) would like to thank all of those involved; special thanks to Lacy Lynch!

This event was geared to educate faculty, staff, and students about the services OALA provides and information about disabilities and how they impact everyone. The conference entailed student testimonials, guest speakers with a wealth of knowledge, and panel discussions with Baylor faculty and staff. Please visit us at our website: OALA

Community Resources

Baylor Autism Resource Center (BARC)

The Baylor Autism Resource Center (BARC) currently offers Social Circle groups led by Baylor School Psychology graduate students aimed at improving the social skills of children and teenagers that have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). The BARC also provides resources to the community and disseminates information about ASD research. More information about the center can be found at:

The Baylor Autism Resource Center